10 Things You Must SACRIFICE to Be Rich Quickly #LIsten_Full

Hi, Welcome again we are here with another interesting article Today We are going to share 10 Things that You Must Sacrifice If You Want To Be Rich Fast.All sacrifices which a successful person has done.

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When I was age 20, I decided to be a millionaire, even though I was born by poor parents. Making a decision isn’t enough, I was very much aware that I would have to sacrifice a couple of things if I truly want to be rich.

In today’s update we will be sharing with you 10 Things I sacrificed and which You Must Sacrifice, If You Want to Be Rich. If you are new here, consider like our fb page so you won’t miss other interesting video like this.

Rich People’s Sacrifices| Sacrifices To Be Successful

  1. Sacrifice the shining Objects — For more than a decade after I’ve made the decision to be rich, I didn’t buy any shining object, didn’t use the latest phones, TV, clothes or shoes.

I bought nothing except it was very important for my existence or business. My idea about money is, make it, invest most of it, and manage anything that remains.

I have days when I and my wife would be broke, even though we were making more money than most people. We were broke because we invest almost everything we earn.

I won’t tell you that it’s easy but it’s a sacrifice that worth it. Would you rather be a lion one day and be respected all your life or you’ll be a sheep with no honor all the rest of your life?

Would you rather sacrifice those new phones, clothes, wristwatches, and TV-set now or be an average man for the rest of your life.

Robert Kiyosaki said, “Rich people buy luxuries last while poor people buy luxuries first” If you want to be rich, you must be disciplined enough to sacrifice the shining objects, Invest a significant percentage of your income and manage whatever remains.

2. Sacrifice the friendship with poor people — I decided long ago never to be friends with poor people and what I mean by poor people here aren’t those people who have no money. The truly poor people are those who are not ambitious.

If you hang out with people who are not ambitious, you won’t be ambitious. If you hang out with people who make excuses, you’ll end up making excuses. If you hang out with people who expect the economy to be better before they’ll be rich, you’ll do the same.

Let go of negative people. Surround yourself with positive and ambitious people and you’ll be rich because they will challenge and encourage you to dream big and dare life.

3. Sacrifice the social media & TV — I never bought a TV-set in my entire life. I had only one social media account and got it deleted last year November.

Today, I use social media strictly for business, and here is the reason; Social media, like the TV is too interesting. if you want to be rich, you’ll be careful about things rich People’s Sacrifices that are too interesting because if anything is too interesting and it doesn’t give you money, it’s taking away money from you.

The reason why you can spend 7 hours in front of the TV-set is because it’s interesting. The reason why you can check your Instagram and Facebook profiles 10 times a day is because it’s interesting.

The problem with this is that, the real thing is bitter. If you want to be rich, you’ll have to spend your time doing difficult things, not enjoying sweet things.

Action is difficult and bitter but that’s what you have to do. Do I mean you should delete all your social media profiles? No. Do I mean you should reduce the time you spend on social media and TV? Yes, if you want to be rich.

4. Sacrifice Some Sleep — I’m not talking about the bullshit of waking up early here. Nobody needs to wake up at 5 am or 5;30 am as a rule. The rule of the thumb is simple, you need to sleep later than most people or wake up earlier than most people.

I’m not advocating that you should sleep only 3 hours but I don’t think you need to sleep 9 hours either. You have to sacrifice some sleep.

5. Sacrifice the blame game — I grew up in a society where most people blame the government, the economy, or their parents for their poverty. However, when I was around 17, I decided to stop that nonsense.

Blaming other people for your situation makes you happy because you have the feeling that it’s after all not your fault. The problem with this mindset is that, since you think it’s not your fault, you also think someone else should help you out, maybe the government, your parents, or the economy.

I’m sorry, nobody is going to help you to become rich. If you want to be rich, you’ll sacrifice the pleasure you’re getting from blaming other people. You’ll take 100% responsibility for your life, get out and get your hands dirty.

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