Napoleon Hills ,Listen 10 Rules of Self Discipline

Listen Article Here — Napoleon Hills ,Listen 10 Rules of Self Discipline

Napoleon Hills Share ten rules for profitable self-discipline these were route of their own making. These were very homely, but they’ll be very helpful as well.

  1. Keep cool when other people get hot — I know you can agree with that one but I must assure that you’ll always live up to it

we are inclined all of us to get hot when the other fella gets hot stay angry thinks when the other fella starts saying angry things

I was in the home of the president of a big Electric Power Company one evening when there came a storm, and he called up one of his hit men to go out to take care of an emergency that happened as a result of that storm

It was on Sunday evening the man was gone about two hours and when he came back he came up on the front porch of the home of this man and called him out on the porch and I never heard a man get such a tongue-lashing in all my life as this president of the electric power come together

so you blankety-blank like you think because you’re the Friends of the company blankety-blank my command just as good as you are blank the bank but Oh interest terrific I only heard one side of the conversation because there was only one side of it

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one man is doing all the talking and one man was doing all the listening and therefore this had been going on for fully three minutes the other man ran out of wind and had nothing more to say he was mad you see because they called him out on this stormy night

I heard the president close that there weren’t he came back, and he just smiled said why the man was a little bit hot was they that’s all he said a little bit hot was

I expected in a moment to hear fists begin to fly out there but you see there was a man who had risen to great heights of achievement financially, and he had done it by a self-discipline

Self-discipline in every respect, and he did propose a long workman who had been temporarily unbalanced by his anger to throw him off balance and make him stoop to that level he just didn’t propose to have that done and you will notice when you get into an argument of minimum and you’re after you if you don’t watch yourself but if you just remain silent while the other fellows blowing off his top

He finally gets to the point where he’s got no more talk to blow then if you want to get in a few words of your own that’s a mighty good place to do it,

Quote By napoleon hills
it’s a mighty fine thing in two words that you get in are not the kind of words you’ve been hearing in other words you can say something back kind in return it’s a far better for the other fella and far better for you

It shows you to be the bigger of the two persons now anybody can get mad and blow his top because what somebody does is says and that’s happening all the time but the truly big man the man who is in charge of himself

He doesn’t allow anybody to draw him down to that level of a street brawl or of an argument and harsh words unless he wants to do it and if he’s truly a big man he doesn’t want to do it

2. Remember there are three sides to all arguments — We ordinarily think there are two sides taller, but they’re not the three as your side has the other fella side and then there’s the right side which is usually about in the middle of the two viewpoints

Remember that when you get into an argument with the other fellow don’t assume that he’s always at fault maybe you’re partly at fault too maybe neither one is totally at fault the chances are and all the arguments I’ve ever heard both parties were partly to blame in one way or another

I have never years heard of an argument where one party entirely was it to blame although I suspect there are such arguments at times

3. Never give directives to a subordinate when you’re angry if the matter is urgent then cool off quickly

4. Treat all people as nearly as possible as — if there were rich relatives from whom you expected to be remembered in their will now that’s a good one that that is a honey

if you just do that treat all people as if they were rich relatives from whom you expected it heard something out there, and you can do that you know if you had a rich relative that had a million dollars he’s going to leave to you,

you suspected he was going to it wouldn’t make very much difference what he said it did he would never throw you off balance you’d never talk back to him would you of course you wouldn’t it be quite silly if you did that keeping quiet for a million dollars it seems to me to be a very easy price to pay

5. Look for the seed of an equivalent benefit in every unpleasant circumstance of what you meet no matter what the unpleasant circumstances make it this hard to discipline yourself so that you look for that scene of an equivalent and you start looking in connection with a circumstance don’t wait a week or two do the whole work yourself up about it

Start right in where you stand in the lessen the blow it’ll lessen the heard of the wound whatever it happens to be ,If you start looking for that seed of an equivalent benefit

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