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Napoleon Hill was born October 26 1883 in Virginia his life was full of setbacks and comebacks from the time he was a child until his death in 1970

he grew up in poverty but his writing career opened doors for him to meet some of the wealthiest and most influential people of his time

this led to him writing one of the best-selling self-help books in history Think and Grow Rich he also wrote ten other books like how to sell your way through life, the magic ladder to success and you can work your own miracles

he is sometimes a controversial figure as the accuracy of many of his accounts have been called into question and he got himself into legal trouble more than once for his questionable business practices

still his books remain a great influence for present and future millionaires and billionaires including many of you out there

during his lifetime Napoleon experienced the struggles of being incredibly poor and the finest that wealth has to offer he was faced with incredible challenges and unbelievable opportunities but no matter what he kept pushing himself to do better and he wanted to pass his lessons on to as many people as possible

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Napoleon Hill continues to inspire people nearly 50 years after his death so let’s take a closer look at this influential man with 15 things you didn’t know about Napoleon Hill.

  1. His stepmother is responsible for him becoming a writer — Hill had humble beginnings being born in a one-room cabin near the Appalachian town of pound in South West Virginia

his mother died when he was only nine years old but his father remarried two years later to a woman named

Martha had a profound influence on Napoleon taming the so-called wild child and making him go to both school and church

she told him he should use his imagination to become a writer and offered to trade him his six-shooter for a typewriter, and he took her up on that offer

2. He was first married at the age of 15 — As mentioned Napoleon was known to be a wild child and this occasionally got him into some difficult situations

when he was 15 years old a girl accused him of fathering her child and since he didn’t have any proof otherwise the girl’s father demanded that they get married shortly after the girl recanted her claim and the marriage was annulled

3. Hill placed a personal ad in the paper to find a possible wife — in 1908 while he was living in Washington DC Hill placed a personal ad in the paper to find a female companion

in the ad he wrote that he was seeking a young lady for a mutual friendship with the possibility of leading to matrimony

he arranged a meeting with one woman who answered the ad, but he ended up marrying her cousin instead he and Florence Horner were married in 1910

4. He left his wife and sons behind to find fame and fortune — After marrying Florence in 1910, the couple had three sons James born in 1911 Napoleon born in 1912 and David born in 1918

hill grew discontent though and believed he needed to pursue fame and fortune he left his family behind and moved to Chicago in late 1912 for the next 17 years he spent very little time with Florence and his sons, only visiting briefly over the years he and Florence divorced in 1935

5. He was arrested for selling fraudulent stocks — In 1918 the state of Illinois issued two warrants of arrest for Hill for selling fraudulent stocks

Hill had established the George Washington Institute in 1915 he gave the school a $100,000 valuation and split the ownership into 10,000 stocks he gave himself 51% of the stock and started selling shares to his students at ten dollars per share

the problem with this was that the school’s assets were actually valued at around $1200 not $100,000, Hill turned himself in and didn’t end up facing any serious legal consequences

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